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How to Stop Buying Crap

by Rasheed Bustamam on September 1, 2011

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Thrifty Thursday: How to Stop Buying Crap

This week's Thrifty Thursday will summarize how YOU can stop buying crap, summarized from Stop Buying Crap. The truth is, a lot of what people buy is crap. This is good for corporations that sell crap. This is not good for people who want to have a future with money in it.

stop buying crap

Imagine this, except with more of Benjamin Franklin's face in it

Your future holds money once you stop buying crap

I'm not a fortune teller, but that's a fact of life. If you spend every penny you earn, your future will never have money!

So how do you stop buying crap? Five ways, taken from the website above.

Way 1 to stop buying crap: Understand what's important to you. You, and only you, know what is important to you. A big TV? Gas? A nice car? Pets? Some people think things like that are unnecessary expenditures, but me personally, I like having the company of my two cats.

Way 2 to stop buying crap: Know your budget. This is something too few people do. Their monthly expenditures exceed their monthly income. You know what they call that in the business world? Unprofitable. Cut out unnecessary monthly expenditures so that you can have some leftover money from your income.

Way 3 to stop buying crap: Be patient and save. Saving money is great. Don't be an impulse buyer. See a nice shirt on sale? You can probably get it cheaper via Amazon. A great way to see if you really need something is to wait 30 days. If you still wanna buy that thing after 30 days, then go ahead and buy it. If the urge passes, congrats, you just saved money.

Way 4 to stop buying crap: Don't let some jerk tell you what to buy (and what not to buy). Sometimes I can be this jerk. You don't always have to listen to me, but sometimes if I do product reviews, I really stand by what I say. If you feel like a product is still good despite my saying its bad, or vice versa, then don't let me stop you. We all have our different tastes, so go ahead and do as you please.

Fun fact: if you can have the self-discipline to not buy crap, you can succeed in anything!

Way 5 to stop buying crap: Spend sensibly and don't spend like there's no tomorrow. This one's the most important. Why? Because it's the number one way to get broke quickly. Sometimes when I find that I haven't spent money in a while, I find that I have a boatload of cash in my account. Then sometimes I'd be like, "Time to go on a spending spree!" That isn't sensible. Not at all. Don't do that. You can spend maybe half. That's sensible, I guess.

Onto you: Ready to stop buying crap? What kind of crap are you gonna stop buying?

Let us know in the comments!


Reppin the Mercedes

To the TOP!


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PPS: If you got something from this article on how to stop buying crap, please comment and share!

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