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Stephenie Zamora: CEO, interviewed!

by Rasheed Bustamam on June 14, 2011

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Today I am excited to bring you the interview of the CEO of StartupCorner, Stephenie Zamora!

She's an entrepreneur just like many of us. But what makes her so special? Well, her company StartupCorner is geared to help new entrepreneurs get off the ground. It's in its infancy stage, but when it opens up to the public I will definitely let everyone know!

If you want to read her blog entry, which was in the top ten in Brian Tracy's blogging competition, head over here.

And like her on Facebook, I made it soo easy for you!

Now, enough riff-raff, let's drill her brain! Not literally, of course. That's gross.

So Stephenie, tell us a little bit about yourself.


With an 'e' not an 'a!'

Stephenie Zamora: Recreating the image of the CEO

Stephenie Zamora My name is Stephenie Zamora and I’m an multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, design + branding expert, founder of StartupCorner and strong believer that personal responsibility has the power to change the world. I’m extremely enthusiastic about making a positive impact in the world through everything that I do, including the businesses I create and the clients that I support! :)

The common denominator between all of us finalists is Brian Tracy. How did you hear of him?

I've always known of Brian Tracy and his influence in the personal development world. This guest blogger contest was brought to my attention by a good friend who suggested I submit an entry!

Your entry was very uplifting. Please tell me you have experience writing before!

I've been blogging for almost five years and have always written. Poetry, short stories and essays primarily over the years. Blogging has been one of my favorite forms of expression and has helped me to find my voice.

Wow. Almost made me look bad, lol. What do you usually write about then?

I love to write about life experiences, realizations, inspiring topics and personal responsibility. I believe personal responsibility has the power to change the world. My background is in graphic design and branding, so I also enjoy writing about personal branding and how it can help individuals lead a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

Personal responsibility is a concept that many people, myself included, need to learn. What inspired you for your blog entry?

My passion, personal responsibility. I'd just decided to shift my business focus from branding entrepreneurs to teaching personal responsibility and I jumped at the opportunity to share my message!

Pick one thing that this experience has helped you learn.

The power of community. The support that I received from friends, family, clients, colleagues and acquaintances was truly humbling. I am so grateful and appreciative for all the wonderful people in my life, and the new people that have entered it (like you Rasheed!) thanks to this opportunity.

Pick three people, or entities, whom you would like to thank.

I would like to thank my good friend Christopher Spiewak for presenting the contest opportunity to me and supporting me with promotion! I would like to thank my family, near and far, who took the time to read my post, share it with their friends and help me make it into the top 10. I would also just like to thank everyone who voted and supported me, as well as those who sent me kind words and connected with me on my site and social media networks.

Be honest. Do you know how awesome you are?

Why thank you! You are amazing and awesome as well! ;)

Why don't you drop by Stephenie Zamora's site(s) to say hello?

Like her on Facebook!


Finalists Index:

  1. Rob Liano (read his interview)
  2. Jaki Bent (check out her interview)
  3. Stephenie Zamora
  4. Joanna Ekton
  5. Anne Perry
  6. Lashaun Dale
  7. Sue Urda
  8. Kimberly Olsen
  9. Niclas Timmerby
  10. Some dude named Rasheed

To your abundance!

Howie Danzik and Me
Howie Danzik and Me at Dream Night 2011


916 623 5146

[email protected]

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Forever Crystal


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