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[MLM Review] MonaVie: Scam or Cure? (Part 3: The Claims)

by Rasheed Bustamam on January 16, 2011

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MonaVie MLM Review

Part 1: The Products
Part 2: The People
Part 3: The Claims

I wasn't expecting the analysis on MonaVie to span over 3 parts. Probably by the end of this post, I'll have over 4000 words. I could write a dissertation on this!

But I won't. A PhD in MonaVie studies doesn't seem very beneficial to anyone. My purpose here is consumer advocacy. The multi-level marketing industry is a huge industry with tons of companies. My goal is to hopefully reward the companies that do business ethically and turn people away from the companies that lie to make a quick buck. And by the emails I've been getting, I know that I'm on the right track. Thank you everyone for your support, but realize I'm just getting started! Tomorrow we will have a good review!

Now, let's look at the claims that MonaVie (and its distributors) make.

  • (M)Mun cures cancer
  • Active cures arthritis
  • 4 oz of MonaVie is equivalent to 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables
  • Pulse prevents heart attacks
  • MonaVie is the first (and only) company to reach $1 billion in sales in 3 years, and $2 billion in 5.
  • Oprah endorses MonaVie
  • MonaVie is the fastest growing company ever

OK. So let's get to the nitty gritty.

First of all, I think it's an insult to everyone who has cancer to say that curing it is just as easy as drinking 2 bottles of MonaVie (M)Mun per day for a month. Why? Because that's $80 per day on juice. Sure, cheaper than chemo... but what do you think the cancer researchers do with all the money that is donated? Shred it all up and use it as confetti? Any person who discovers the cure for cancer would pioneer the cure for cancer and become a very rich (wo)man.

Sadly, that's the truth of the matter. MonaVie distributors would "prescribe" 2 bottles of (M)Mun per day for a month for people who have cancer... $80 * 30 = $2400. On juice that hasn't even been clinically tested or proven to do anything. Sure, it tastes pretty good, but I don't pay $40 for juice to taste good.

Now I don't know anyone with cancer, but my own ethics told me "even if you do, don't sell this crap to them. What if it doesn't work?" If it doesn't work, then I could get sued (I think). Even if it's ok legally, is it ok ethically? To incur an expense of $2400 in a single month, which insurance will not  cover, to possibly cure your friend's cancer? And MonaVie doesn't have a money-back guarantee; even if they did, they could always use the claim "We cannot control the actions of our distributors. Curing cancer is not one of our approved claims."

The company itself doesn't approve of many of these claims, on paper at least. But the fact that they do absolutely nothing about the distributors who do make these claims shows exactly how much integrity the company has (hint: it's none)

OK, next: MonaVie Active cures arthritis... in a word, no. Active contains glucosamine which can help lubricate joints (I know because I used to suffer from RSI/CTS). Active... no, glucosamine helped lessen my pain due to RSI and CTS but arthritis? No. Just no. Also sounds vaguely familiar to Larsen's other company.

Can you drink 4 oz of MonaVie to get 7-13 servings fruits and veggies because of its potency? No. Fruits and veggies are now measured by cups by the USDA, first of all. And 4 oz of MonaVie is merely a half cup of fruits. No veggies. You'll need to use the calculator here to figure out how many fruits and veggies you need, but I need 2 cups of fruits and a cup of veggies daily. Plus, MonaVie doesn't have any fiber, which whole fruits/veggies will provide. So MonaVie replaces... well, nothing, in your well-balanced diet.

Does Pulse prevent heart attacks? Indirectly. People with higher cholesterol tend to have a higher risk for heart disease/heart attacks. So I suppose yes, this claim is true in a sense. But as I mentioned in my review of the products, you can get twice the potency for a fraction of the cost of Pulse.

Is MonaVie the first (and only) company to reach $1 billion in 3 years? This is up in the air. As a private company, MonaVie is not required to be audited for claims such as these... so we don't know. However, anyone can make these claims, which is why we must be skeptical of them especially if they are too good to be true. A $50 juice beating out Microsoft and Amazon in revenue is a pretty wild statement to make, so they better have some proof to back it up.

By the way, the onus of proof is not on me to prove that MonaVie didn't reach $1 billion in 3 years. By that logic, the onus of proof should be on you to prove that any company I made didn't make a trillion bucks in sales last night. But of course it'd be on me, and I'd never make a claim like that unless I could prove it.

Does Oprah endorse MonaVie? Nope. In fact, she sued MonaVie and many other Acai companies for claiming that she did.

Is MonaVie the fastest growing company ever? Well, looking at this list, it looks pretty promising. But note that that is in the food and beverage category. And look at the other contestants. Ever heard of em? Me neither! Let's look at the global list for 2009. It's number 18 overall... in growth. It grew almost 6000% from 2005 to 2008! Amazing, right?

Well, the company started in 2005... so multiplying their revenue by 60 isn't really that impressive. If I made a buck in 2005, and then I made $100 in 2008, I'd have grown 10,000%. But apparently MonaVie grew from $14 million in revenue to $848 million in revenue in 3 years... impressive. Calculating the total revenue from 2005-2008 would net around $1.3 billion. So maybe they were the fastest company to make it to a billion!

Hold it right there. Have you ever heard of the Inc. 500 magazine, not to be confused with the prestigious Fortune 500? Do you know exactly where Inc. 500 gets their numbers from? Me neither. Jim Melloan, project manager of Inc, states the following (by request I cannot share the source):

The idea here is that if information comes to light that a company has provided us with false information, and they have submitted a form with the signature of a CPA or someone with similar credentials, we can inform the state accrediting entity about that person’s actions. True that people can still lie to us, as they can lie to the IRS and auditors, but not at all true that we don’t make a reasonable effort to verify the numbers.

Seeing as the CEO of MonaVie is an ex-fraud, it's not too far off to believe that that MonaVie didn't pull some strings... but don't take it from me. It seems like a lot of people lie to Inc. Just Ctrl-F "LHR," a debt collection company that did anything (including lie) to collect their debt, including threats. Read the article, I kid you not!

But in the end, it's still up in the air about MonaVie being the fastest growing company ever. Even if it did post $2 billion in 5 years... will it post $3 billion? Moreover, how much of that would go into your pocket?

The fact is, anyone serious about building an MLM business will be able to build it big, no matter what the circumstances are. So it doesn't really matter how much money MonaVie makes or claims to make, it just matters how much dedication you have to your future success in MonaVie. Which is why the revenue of MonaVie is by-and-large irrelevant. Don't use the size of the company to validate a company. If it isn't big yet, then make it big. If it already is big, then make it bigger.

In the end, you have to wonder why the MonaVie corporation allows these lies to spread about its company. Probably because it generates more sales, but a dirty buck is a buck not worth having.

Verdict on MonaVie:

Product: Too expensive, not cost-efficient

Corporate Leader: Ex-executive at a company that was shut down for fraud

Organization Leaders: Unethical, too expensive

Claims: Distributors make too many false and unvalidated claims

If you want to get involved with this company, that's fine with me. Just know what you're getting into, spread no lies about the product, and build it big. If you can do it, kudos to you!

Do you like this article? Comment with your opinions, and share with others!

To your abundance!


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MonaVie MLM Review

Part 1: The Products
Part 2: The People
Part 3: The Claims

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