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The Importance of Principles

by Rasheed Bustamam on September 3, 2011

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Super Saturday: Principles are one of the most important aspects to life

Principles are a funny thing. Having them will not necessarily guarantee success, but the fact is that without a solid foundation on your principles, you'll never enjoy long-term (ethical) success.

Let me tell you what I mean.


Lolcat is not pleased...

I hated my principles in school!

Oh wait, wrong principal. Lol.

Principles are a very undermined (I just realized how weird of a word "undermine" is) quality of achievers, because success is often taught as being planning, goal setting, then taking action.

I guess the concept of principles is sort of the abandoned stepchild called 'Cinderella.'

The fact is, every person who has long-term success has a strong foundation of principles. You won't find a successful person who is wishy-washy on what is important to him. It's set in stone. And from those basic rules, he knows what he can sacrifice and what he can't.

Let's put it this way. What's important to you? Family? Friends? Wealth? Spirituality/Religion?

When it comes between spirituality and wealth, what do you choose? When it comes between family and friends, who do you choose?

Your answers will define your principles.

If you find spirituality more important than wealth, then you will never find yourself working when you should be praying. If you find family more important than wealth, then you will never find yourself choosing to work more hours than spending time with your family.

That's a sad story though. Many people will say that their families are important to them, but then they go and take on 90-hour-weekly jobs. Yes, it puts food on the table, but so what? A family needs more than just food. Perhaps it is true that it is necessary for the person to work 90 hours per week in order for his family to, y'know, not die, but if that person's principles were properly set, family would come first and wealth second. And because of that principle alone, that person will find a way to work fewer hours but still maintain his family's well-being.

Or what about when someone's boss asks them to work a religious holiday? Eid just passed for us Muslims a few days ago, and I know that many people were unable to take off work in order to attend the mandatory prayer. What's more important, work, or spirituality?

Many devout religious people will outright tell their boss, or even interviewer, "These are the conditions under which I will work. I need to pray at x time, and I need to take x day off." If they don't get the job, they are perfectly fine with that because their principles are in sync.

Fun fact: my mentor Ray Higdon routinely takes days off when he's too tired (he's a go-getter for sure) and is still able to play with his kids and spend time with his family, all because of this system.

This, incidentally, is why I believe people who really know their principles are entrepreneurs. They can set their own hours. Take religious holidays off. Spend time with their family.

I know that school doesn't do anything to help this. I can't tell you how many times I had to miss Eid prayer because of a midterm or a final. In high school, usually it's fine to skip a day because your teachers actually give a damn about you. In college, they generally don't make exceptions. Trust me, I tried. Now, honestly, there's no solution to that, except for going to a private Islamic school that will schedule classes around that.

The point is, once you define your principles, you now know what decisions you should make. There comes a time in many people's lives where they need to choose between their career and their family. Some lawyers work tons of hours per week, with a cliched sexy secretary of whom the wife is jealous. Some CEOs spend more time at the office than at home. Sometimes it's not even the time issue, it's the emotional issue--coming home stressed and not emotionally available to the family.

So it's extremely important that you set your principles.

I know a fairly wealthy guy whose mother sleeps on a broken mattress. Obviously, his mother is not in his list of principles, otherwise he wouldn't take his daughter and her friend to fly First Class to Europe.

There's principles regarding time, and principles regarding money. Who or what should you spend the most time on? Who or what should you spend the most money on? Make that list. It won't have any direct effect on your success. But it will have a direct effect on your happiness in life.

Onto you: what principles are important to you?

Let's hear em in the comments!


Reppin the Mercedes

To the TOP!


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PPS: If you got something from this article on principles, please comment and share!

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