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How to be motivated using the 20x rule

by Rasheed Bustamam on July 30, 2011

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How to be motivated using the 20x rule

Do you ever have trouble with motivation? Many people do. I'm on the 90-day challenge and I see a lot of improvement in my blog already, but it is still often difficult to get and stay motivated to blog every day.

Fortunately, there's a 'mental' way to get motivated, and it's called the 20x rule.

How to be motivated

The 20x rule can ensure that you see this road sign.

The 20x rule? What does that have to do with how to be motivated?

Good question. Life Hacker wrote a small blurb about it recently, and I thought about it for a bit. And then I was like, "hm, I should try it."

Well, within a few minutes, suddenly, I went up and decided to do a blog post. Why? Because I don't think I've even done 20 posts of my 90-day challenge.

Pam Slim discusses the 20x rule, and essentially you need to sow 20 times more seeds than you think is necessary. Rather than merely calling 5 prospects per week, why not call 100? Granted, some people don't have the time to do so, but if you don't think you have the time, then you need to ask yourself why you call yourself an entrepreneur.

Anyway, what does the 20x rule have to do with how to be motivated? That's a pretty good question. Well, in order to do 20x more than you already do, you need to first do one. In other words, you need to take action. If you don't take action at all, well, you can say bye-bye to that shiny RV.

So the 20x rule lets you gauge how successful you will be when you multiply your current action by 20. You can do this two ways: you can do something consistently every day for 20 days, or you can increase your daily action by 20.

The latter... isn't so feasible. Writing 20 blogs per day will kick your ass faster than you can say... well, you won't be able to say anything because you'll be typing articles all day.

But what the 20x rule does is let you see the path in front of you. It'd be hard for me to do a single blog post if I didn't know what I had in store for me. But if I knew what 20 blog posts could do, or even 90 blog posts, then I would be more motivated to do the single blog post, and the blog post the next day, and the next day...

The 20x rule

Look how happy they are that they applied the 20x rule!

The point is, why would you do something consistently if you knew that even if you did it every day for 100 days, you would be no better off than you are today?

I know why. Because you're in Corporate America. *cue lol* (the joke is that people in Corporate America do the same thing every day and are no better off than they are today, usually)

Your turn: What are your thoughts on how to be motivated?

Everyone has their own tips on how to be motivated. Let's see yours!

To the top,


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PPS: If this post helped you, inspired you, or just entertained you, in any way, comment, and share it with someone you think will benefit. They will thank you beyond words. If you think someone could benefit from learning how to be motivated, share the wealth!

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