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The Fall of Higher Education

by Rasheed Bustamam on August 3, 2011

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Higher Education

The higher education paradigm has fallen

It's ironic when a senior in college starts talking about the fall of higher education, but the truth is, my chemical engineering degree is going to end up in the dumpster one day... the dumpster of my mind, never to be thought about again.

The fact is, higher education is a dying paradigm. It seems like higher education is thriving right now, and that's exactly the problem. It's becoming the standard now for everyone to go to college.

higher education

The Roman Empire was not immune to falling. Higher education is not either.

So are you recommending no one have a higher education?

First you must ask yourself, "what is higher education?" Is it studying engineering? Is it studying law? Is it studying business? Actually, it's none of those. It's learning how to be an employee.

It's no secret that the job market is saturated. Because of this, many college graduates are taking jobs that aren't even in their line of study, if they can even find a job at all.

What's the history of higher education? Let me give you a breakdown.

It started way back in the late 14th century, when some dude named Rupert I (that's a pretty cool last name) founded the University of Heidelburg. Higher education progressed through the ages until it came to America.

When higher education reached America's shores in the beginning of the 17th century, it was meant only for rich white folk. Everyone else were destined to be farmers.

Higher education went from being a privilege to rich white men, and now to becoming a right to everyone. Yes it's fine that everyone has a right to higher education... but that right is ruining society.

With the fees of public schooling rising to $10k-$20k per year, making a graduate in debt up to $80k or even more, suddenly higher education doesn't seem very fruitful.

Since children we were raised up to believe that we were to go to college, get a job, have security, and retire at 65 in our golden years.

That process is fine. Except...

  • It now costs $80,000 to get a degree, coming to the point where college girls will sell 'companionship' for money (a very sad state of affairs)
  • It is now increasingly difficult to get a job
  • If you have a job, layoffs are happening left and right
  • Pensions are disappearing and many elder people are forced to take on a minimum wage job doing nearly nothing.

So... what's so good about that process? Nothing. Employers love that process because it ensures that there will always be a constant flow of employees. It gives them the ability to lay off anyone they want to lay off. People become... expendable.

Most of society has a negative connotation against rich people; that they play every dirty trick in the book and scam people. They believe everyone who is wealthy is just another Bernie Madoff.

And I can assure you that every single one of those people have attended college and are employees.

Higher education is training people to not have dreams, to live a mediocre life, to never excel for anything. We're losing our individuality in this way, and become mere, expendable, employees.

higher education

Readings books is fine. Higher education is not.

This isn't to say that people shouldn't be educated. Education is important. But what should you be educated about? Should you be educated in fluid mechanics, which is useless in every field except for the field of process designing? Should you know how anodizing materials prevent heat loss in tanks?

If you're a chemical engineer, then yeah, it'd be great to know those things... because you're the employee. You're the one doing the work. But if you're an employer, you don't care about the intricate details. You merely need to know who to hire and enough to know what his duties should be.

The average person with a Ph.D earns merely $3 million in his whole life. This is up to the time he retires at 65.

Honestly, that sucks. Some people think that's a lot of money, but $3 million over the course of a lifetime is nothing. You may be able to move into a nice retirement home... when you're 65.

Think bigger. If the highest people in a certain field are not making as much as you'd like to make... change fields.

If you don't mind earning $3 million in your entire life, then by all means, go to school and work your butt off until you're 28 and work your butt off some more until you're 65. By the time I'm 28 I'll already have built an empire doing what I love, hardly working my butt off.

It's really your choice. The term 'employee' is just another word for 'slave.' If you don't mind being a slave to the system, then go ahead and work your butt off for peanuts. If you get an injury, say bye-bye to work and bye-bye to your income too. Just like back in the days of slavery.

Offensive? Maybe. If you're thinking, "You can't compare being an employee to being a slave because slaves were whipped and blah blah blah..." it just shows how closed minded you are. Americans weren't the first people to have slaves. Slaves existed waay before America was even a thought, and in most places, slaves were treated well. They were given food, shelter, and breaks. Sure, being a slave still sucked back then... but so does being an employee! So stop nit-picking over technicalities and start changing your life.

Being an employee is so limited. Become an employer. Become an innovator. We have enough employees in the world. Build a business, build an empire, create more jobs... but never lose your thirst for knowledge. Education is still important... but higher education happens to be the biggest scam that has hit our shores.

Onto you: am I just full of $#&@? Am I right on the dot? Is higher education actually the messiah we've been waiting for?

Give me your raw, uncensored thoughts in the comments. I promise I won't bite ;)

To the top,


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PPS: If you know someone who could benefit about learning why higher education is killing society, share this article!

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