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Entrepreneur vs Employee: What Were You Meant to Do?

by Rasheed Bustamam on August 17, 2011

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Entrepreneur vs Employee

Entrepreneur vs Employee=Evil vs Good?

Many people reading this blog are thriving entrepreneurs who have turned away from being an employee and decided to take control of their future and become an entrepreneur.

Some of you guys are employees... which is fine. I respect that.

However, what are the pros and cons of being each?

Entrepreneur vs Employee

You might have to deal with bosses like this if you're an employee

Entrepreneur vs Employee: the lowdown

Here are the pros and cons of being an employee:

  • Pro: You know exactly how much money you will make in an hour/day/week/year
  • Pro: You know exactly when you are going to work (for the most part)
  • Pro: 'Safe,' 'Easy'
  • Pro: 'Benefits'
  • Con: Layoffs at an all-time high, saturated job market
  • Con: Left to fulfill the demand of the job market
  • Con: Limited income potential, limited by time
  • Con: You work for 45 years and own maybe a house and a few cars
  • Con: Spend a lot of time away from family
  • Con: Spend a lot of time with idiots and negative people (very bad for your health)
  • Con: Costs $20k-$80k and 4-8 years to get a degree that will actually earn a 'decent income' (i.e. $50-80k/year)
  • Con: Retire broke
  • Con: A lot of your money goes to the worst money-managers in the world: the government

Here are the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur:

  • Pro: Set your own hours
  • Pro: Lots of tax breaks!
  • Pro: Set your own hours
  • Pro: Unlimited income potential, limited by your expertise and product
  • Pro: Retire young and wealthy
  • Pro: Spend time with the people you want to spend time with (family friends)
  • Pro: Spend time with leaders in your industry, with similar mindsets
  • Pro: Can get started in a business and be successful with less than $10k and 2 years
  • Pro: Create the jobs that are filled by the employees
  • Con: Need to buy your own benefits
  • Con: Can take a lot of commitment and time to get started
  • Con: Can be 'difficult' if you aren't used to it
  • 'Con': You don't know how much money you will make... can be good or bad
  • 'Con': Paid by results, can be good or bad

Fun fact: Many employees believe that you need to be corrupt to be an entrepreneur... but every employee has an entrepreneur to thank for giving them the opportunity to have a job... a blessing in this day and age

Entrepreneur vs employee: Which one is right for you?

Onto you: Entrepreneur vs employee, make the decision, make the change.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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PPS: If you got something from this article on being an entrepreneur vs employee, please comment and share!

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